About us

TRANSBATTERIES is a joint industry initiative with the goal to inform professionals as well as end users on the legal requirements applicable to the transport of battery cells, batteries and equipment containing batteries.

TRANSBATTERIES offers free content during 2020 thanks to the financial support of the following industry associations


Legal Requirements

The transport of battery cells, batteries and equipment containing batteries is regulated by international UN regulation for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. In addition, in Europe, Asia and the US supplementary requirements apply such as the ADR in Europe, and the EU regulation for the shipment of hazardous waste.

The aim of these legal requirements is to ensure safe transport of battery cells, batteries and equipment containing batteries by means of road, air and sea, and set out the related testing, packaging and reporting obligations.

The obligations apply to both lithium- as well as lead- and nickel-based battery technologies. Non-compliance with these requirements represents a severe safety, financial and reputational risk.

Lithium-ion batteries

Due to their dual hazard properties associated with their chemical and electrical content, lithium-ion batteries (UN 3480) as well as Li-ion batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment (UN 3481) are classified under CLASS 9 Dangerous Goods.

Access all transport requirements for lithium-ion batteries here.

Nickel- & Lead-based batteries

Non-Lithium batteries are classified as “Class 4.3” and “Class 8 ” Dangerous Goods in accordance with United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations.

Access all transport requirements for nickel- and lead-based batteries here.

Transport of batteries by end-users

The transport regulations as described here apply to professional transport only. Some airplane operators do require special transport for spare (not installed in device) lithium-based batteries, however. This includes that lithium-based batteries must be carried in carry-on package only and batteries must be prohibited from short circuit.

For more information,TRANSBATTERIES advices to contact your flight operator prior to boarding.